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Talisman Necklace

Offered here for what we believe to be the first time ever, is the finely detailed replica of the necklace worn by John Lennon in the late 60’s. 

​The Talisman necklace was acquired by Lennon in early 1967. The first time it appears around his neck is at the Sgt. Pepper launch party thrown at Brian Epstein’s Chapel Street townhouse in May, ’67. From that point forward through to late 1968, Lennon is usually seen wearing the talisman. He is most notably seen wearing it as his only piece of “clothing” in the Two Virgins album cover images. The original necklace was sold through Christie’s auction house in London in May, 2004, for 117,250 pounds sterling.

​These authentic talisman necklaces are created using custom made parts that precisely match the detail on Lennon’s original. The Indian swirl cones and azure’ blue glass rings were custom manufactured especially for this project. 

We custom make these to order so we suggest you allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.  
The Lennon Talisman Necklace $110.00Plus Shipping