All of our garments are made using TOP GRADE FABRICS and are all UNION MADE in the USA!!

The Lennon "Rubber Soul Jacket"

R.W. Lease/ is pleased to bring to market an exact re-creation of John Lennon’s brown suede jacket worn on the cover of the Beatles Rubber Soul album. The jacket was a favorite of Lennon’s in 1965 during the height of Beatlemania. He was photographed extensively wearing it on tour, at press conferences, and at Abbey Road recording sessions.
We were fortunate enough to spend hours photographing, measuring, and capturing every detail of the original coat in preparation of this project. Our examination of Lennon’s coat revealed many nuances and even a few minor manufacturing errors in the original jacket. All of these intricacies were incorporated into the re-creation. R.W. Lease, Ltd. has created the most accurate replication of this jacket ever made.
 The jacket is made of top grade split cowhide and is fully lined, including two inside breast pockets (one with a zipper enclosure). It is offered in sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL. Please choose the Rubber Soul sizes when ordering, not the number sizes. As with all of our garments, everything is exchangeable and fully refundable.

The Lennon Rubber Soul jacket retails for $359.00 plus Shipping.