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Coliseum Drum Riser    Limited Edition of 1000

Now available exclusively through – “Ringo Starr’s Drum Riser”. This one-of-a-kind photorealistic recreation of The Beatles' iconic gear atop Ringo Starr’s drum riser as it appeared immediately after their first American concert on February 11, 1964 at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, D.C. Included in this rendering is the actual drumhead used by Ringo Starr (owned by Russ Lease,President of and the Washington concert set list handwritten by John Lennon (owned by Beatles author and collector Mark Naboshek). Printed on 100lb Gloss Stock * Watermarks and Copyright line DO NOT appear on purchased photographic prints.
18" x 24" - $19.95 FREE Shipping in the USA $12 for Europe/International