ll of our garments are made using TOP GRADE FABRICS and are all UNION MADE in the USA!!


Black Drainpipe Trousers

Black Drainpipe Trousers

R.W. Lease, Ltd. Is happy to offer the black “Drainpipe” trouser.

Manufactured by R.W. Lease, Ltd., the slacks are patterned

identically after an original pair of mid-60’s stage trousers belonging

to John Lennon that is part of our collection.

The trousers are made of top-grade lightweight 100% worsted wool

suited for year-round wear. The waistband features adjustable side

tabs for cinching in the waist - again identical to all Beatle stage

trousers of the time. The drainpipe pants are beltless and have no

front or side pockets, only dual pockets in the rear. They come with

open bottoms with an inseam of approximately 37 inches. Waist

sizes range from a 30 waist up to a size 44 waist and, because of

the adjustable waistband, are available in even sizes only.

The black “Drainpipe” trousers are a wonderful compliment to the

tan Shea jacket or can be worn with the Crosswalk jacket to

complete the suit.

Black Drainpipe Trousers $99.95 plus Shipping