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The Ringo Starr Abbey Road "Crosswalk" Jacket

Ringo had the original coat custom made by a tailor in London in early 1968. Shortly after, George Harrison commissioned the same tailor to also custom make one for himself. Both Beatles wore their new coats to the world premiere of the Yellow Submarine film on July 17, 1968. The jacket was a favorite of Ringo’s and he was frequently photographed wearing it throughout the late 60’s. August of 1969 also found him wearing the coat the morning the famous Abbey Road crosswalk photo was taken, certainly one of the most recognized photos ever taken of the band.


The Beatles assembled for a photo session one last time on the 22nd of August 1969, at John Lennon’s ‘Tittenhurst’ home. One again, Harrison chose to wear his “crosswalk” jacket for the session and the photos graced the front and back cover of the Hey Jude album. This coat remains the only article of clothing to be seen on two different Beatle album covers.

​For the very first time ever, reproduced exactly stitch-for-stitch directly from Ringo’s original coat!
R.W. Lease, Ltd. is presenting the George Harrison/Ringo Starr “Crosswalk” suit. As the owners of the original coat worn by Ringo for the Abbey Road album cover photo, we have painstakingly recreated the long flowing, Edwardian style coat exactly stitch-for-stitch faithful to the original in every way.
R.W. Lease, Ltd. has perfectly replicated the jacket, from the outer shell fabric to the identical inner linings and pockets. This attention to detail has resulted in a finely tailored, quality garment, indistinguishable from the original. The long, heavily pleated, nature of the coat especially appeals to females and R.W. Lease, Ltd., offers it in both regular and long from a men’s size 34 (women’s size 4) to a men’s size 48 (women’s size 18). It is available only in the original black color.  
Suit only $395    
Jacket only $295 Trousers only $99.95
We offer $25.00 off each suit or jacket for the purchase of a set of four, plus Shipping.