ll of our garments are made using TOP GRADE FABRICS and are all UNION MADE in the USA!!



The "Collarless" Suit

For the very first time ever, reproduced exactly stitch-for-stitch from John Lennon’s original suit.
R.W. Lease, Ltd. is presenting the Beatles Collarless suit/jacket. As owners of one of John Lennon’s original 1963 collarless suits, we have perfectly replicated the suit stitch-for-stitch faithful to the original in every way.
Shortly after gaining managerial control, Brian Epstein was instrumental in putting the Beatles in proper stage suits. One of the earlier styles chosen for tage/TV work was a collarless Pierre Cardin design aptly reproduced by Beatle tailor Dougie Millings. According to previous information it is thought that the band owned seven different shades/fabrics of the “collarless” suits. Current research shows that number may be slightly higher. The collarless style was only worn through late 1963 and the Beatles had abandoned the design by the time of their first visit to America in February, 1964.
The three-button coat is made of a year-round weight worsted wool blend and is fully lined identical to the original. The jacket is offered separately from the pants, if so desired, or as a complete 2-piece suit. Jacket sizes run from size 38 to size 48 in both regulars and longs. It is available only in the original silver/grey right now. We will be cutting a limited production of the suits in black around the end of the year.
The matching beltless stovepipe pants have adjustable side-button tabs just as the original trousers do. The adjustable pants are available in size 30 waist to 44 waist and the pant bottoms will be open and uncut.
Suit only $395   
Jacket only $295 Trousers only $99.95
We offer $25.00 off each suit or jacket for the purchase of a set of four, plus shipping.