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All of Ringo's original 7 Drumhead Replica's  NOW Available. Click Pics for Pricing Info!

For Ringo's Manhattan Bloomingdale's exhibit of one of the original 22" Beatle OBP kits Russ did the Beatle drop-T logo #5 from the 1965 American Tour featuring the famous 1965 Shea Stadium show.

Beatle drop-T head #5 "aged" as made for Ringo's original 22" drumkit.

Price as pictured $195

Above pic is Beatle drop-T drumhead #4 on a 22" standard "new white" coated drumhead.
Price as pictured $179
The drumhead on the right is the "aged" head that was done for Ringo to be mounted on the front of his original Sullivan show drumkit for the display at the Grammy museum in L.A. (see picture above).
Price as pictured is $195

Ringo's original Ed Sullivan Show drumkit on display at the Grammy Museum

in L.A., June 2013

Beatles Drop-T Drumhead Replica

Russ Lease of Beatlesuits.com was recently honored to have been asked to provide the logo drumheads for Ringo for his Grammy Museum memorabilia exhibit in L.A. Russ created the Beatles drop-T drumhead for the front of Ringo's original Ed Sullivan Show drumkit, as well as a few of the other drumheads on display. Russ was also brought in to create Ringo's 1965 American Tour Beatle drumhead for the exhibit of Ringo's original kit from that tour now on display at Bloomingdale's in New York.

Now available through Beatlesuits.com is a hand-painted reproduction of the Beatles "Drop-T" logo drumhead. All reproductions of the Beatles "Drop-T" Drumheads are the result of a direct reflective tracing method using the original head as it's basis. It is completely hand done in the same flat tempora paints as the original and on the same white 20" outer-coated drumhead. The result is an exact identical match to the original logo drumhead used by the Beatles for the February, 1964, Ed Sullivan Show. Please note this is for the drumhead and graphic artwork only, it does not include the half depth bass drum shell and hardware.

$179 plus shipping for Drop T Head (New White)

$195 plus shipping for Drop T Head (Aged)

Production to delivery time is usually about 2 -3 weeks.

When Russ was asked to provide the Sullivan Show drumhead for Ringo, it was apparent that putting a new stark white drumhead with graphics on a 50-year-old battered drumkit was going to look out of place. Russ set about creating a way of relic'ing a new drumhead to match the aged patina on the Beatles original Ed Sullivan Show drumhead. The result was a dead-on replica that Ringo was very happy with. We are now offering the "aged" drumheads with the handpainted Beatle drop-T graphics same as the ones done for Ringo's original drumkits