ll of our garments are made using TOP GRADE FABRICS and are all UNION MADE in the USA!!


In placing an order, you will see that we do not employ the standard shopping cart checkout as an option. The “cart checkout” seems very impersonal and a less than perfect way to fit a jacket. 
Proper fitting of a finely tailored garment is difficult enough when not in person, and not always perfect in a shopping cart setting.

I’ve found that one-to-one interaction answering a few size related email questions, along with the standard chest size, provides a much more accurate barometer for fitting the coats.
This drastically reduces the possibility of coats going back and forth until the proper fit is achieved.  
It also allows me the chance to answer any questions directly from the customer that may not be covered on the website.

We fully guarantee your satisfaction with all of our merchandise. If for any reason you are unhappy with the fit, material, or workmanship of any of our garments, simply return the item and we will immediately issue a full 100% refund. Of course exchanging for size is also not a problem.
We can accept orders via online checkout or email (at the address below) and can accept payment via major charge card, personal check, Pay Pal, or money order. 

​* Shipping charges domestically are $15.00 and can usually be shipped within a few days of order.

I can be contacted at  russ@beatlesuits.com or by phone @ (301)604-4411. 
Inquires will be answered by me personally.
Sincerely,Russ Lease

R.W. Lease, Ltd.
​9303 Wild Grass Court
Jessup, Md.  20794

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