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The "Hard Days Night" Suit

For the very first time ever, reproduced exactly stitch-for-stitch from John Lennon’s original suit.

​R.W. Lease is pleased to present for the first time ever, the Beatles short-jacket style Hard Day’s Night suit. The beautifully tailored 4 button front coat is made in silver/grey 100% worsted wool sharkskin. Again, as in the past, we had the luxury of working directly from one of the Beatles originals and it shows right down to the stylish rear horizontal waist seam with vertical pleats and panels. Most notably distinguished by the inset black velvet collar, the suit is probably the most familiar outfit worn by the band in America.
 The Beatles debuted this suit during their first American visit wearing it for the first time at the Washington Coliseum show on 2/11/64. It was subsequently worn the next night at Carnegie Hall and then the following Sunday live on the Ed Sullivan Show. But it’s most famous use is, of course, for the film “A Hard Day’s Night”. Because of the suit’s intense exposure in the U.S. and in their debut film, the suit was retired during their 1964 North American tour.  
The jacket (also available separately) is offered in sizes 38 to 48 in both regulars and longs. The matching drainpipe trousers are available in waist sizes 30 to 44.  As with all out garments, everything is exchangeable and fully refundable.    
Suit only $395  
Jacket only $295 Trousers only $99.95
We offer $25.00 off each suit or jacket for the purchase of a set of four plus Shipping.