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The McCartney"Apple Jacket"
R.W. Lease, Ltd./Beatlesuits.com is pleased to announce the latest addition to their exclusive line of Beatles stage and casual clothing suits/jackets. The McCartney Apple jacket is no doubt recognized the world over as Paul’s favorite casual jacket from 1967 straight through the balance of their career. The jacket makes it’s debut on Paul’s back on August 24, 1967 in London, during their meeting with the Maharishi. It sees continuous use as evidenced in literally dozens of images straight through to 1969. Those appearances include the rehearsals for and final cut of the film Magical Mystery Tour, as well as the hugely important May 11, 1968 trip to New York with John to announce the formation of Apple, Ltd. (Hence, the name/color.)

The McCartney Apple jacket has been on our drawing board for a number of years and I think our due diligence has resulted in a fabulous perfect reproduction. The distinguished multi colored panels are very suggestive of the time period and the subtle color tones make it beautiful to look at, without being over the top.

The outer shell is made of year-round weight top-grade 100% worsted wool with a full acetate lining and interior breast pockets. There are also outside front “hidden” pockets in the vertical front seam, between the color change (same as Paul’s). The 5-button front also features the flared sleeve cuff with matching covered button - Russ Lease
The McCartney Apple Jacket retails for $349.00 plus shipping